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Barnes & Noble Education — bartleby

Victor Ortiz
VP, Product

Ruca has achieved what so many agencies often set out to accomplish but failed to execute as intended. Working with Ruca does not feel like you're working with an agency. They truly are a part of our team and we love working with them every day.“ - Victor

Ruca is working with Barnes & Noble Education on bartleby, aiming to help college students have more access to tools and education.

Bartleby approached Ruca to help optimize and push forward a new and scaling platform. Bartleby is a learning ecosystem, developed by Barnes & Noble Education as part of its ongoing mission to augment traditional learning and enhance educational outcomes for students.

Bartleby’s products and services are designed to enhance outcomes, offering learning pathways that fit today’s students’ schedules and demands. Current offerings on the bartleby platform include “Learn,” “Write”, Math Solver, Live Chat, and a mobile app.

Ruca is currently incorporated directly into the product team to push forward specific features to improve user adoption and develop the broader design system at large.

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