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Greg Hathaway
Creative Director, Brand

We can rely on them not only for really efficient work and frequent communication, but also to push the brand forward, share ideas and evolve our aesthetic, all the while being extremely collaborative, positive and a joy to work with.“ - Greg

Zocdoc's mission is to give power to the patient. Yep. Sign us up doc.

A lot of us hail from the New York startup scene and have always respected the go-to-market and grind of the up nature of Zocdoc, especially in the healthcare space where the systems are old, and behaviors are tough to rewire.

Ruca is a Zocdoc partner for lean marketing optimization across design and content, helping the Zocdoc brand team with various campaigns and materials over the year.

We are currently in an ongoing agile content marketing role with the design team in 2021. You may see some of our ad work across the various social platforms driving to these landing pages (please click!).

In the wild: