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the story.

It took years of working the traditional design agency grind, then more years in VC business development, awareness building, and capital raising before the venture preceding Ruca...well...ran out of money. We took all the lessons learned in its wake and realized that hoping for more investors, repeating other's patterns, and "waiting for our Ruca" wasn't enough. It was time for us to create our own Ruca—to build our tribe and create our nomadic home—to focus on our professional passions.

At Ruca, you'll find partners who shape companies through their earned, not just studied, experience. You'll work with top creative and entrepreneurial talent that launches products, builds brands, and defines experiences from all angles. You'll meet folks who know that the most influential organizations are those that work openly, honestly, and transparently every step of the way.

We have matured over the years, spreading our reach further and further. It all starts with our design-focused studio work for companies of all sizes—from startups in seed rounds to global, publicly traded enterprises. Our services work provides the capital to create our own products, enable our philanthropic efforts, and fund our investments and advisory practices for bootstrapping startups.

As we lean into our seventh year, our investments span seven companies, including one exit. We are actively building two of our own products right now, and we've distributed our first round of donations to deserving causes. Our more than 75 team members—spanning multiple countries and specializing in everything from design and technology to strategy, content, and operations—have helped more than 50 brands outperform to date.

/rōōka/ noun informal
  1. Your companion, partner, and true love.
  2. A communal home for our people; a meeting place for our tribe and our clients to convene under similar beliefs.